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Asphalt Repair Services in Scottsdale, Arizona

The infrared heat repair process works by heating asphalt to 300 degrees. The asphalt is then recycled and repaired on site.  At 300 degrees F, the heated asphalt is broken down to its original granular form. Then, oils and bonding agents are added to bring the asphalt back to new condition. The asphalt is then raked and leveled out to remove any cracks or potholes. Finally, the repair is compacted, and the edges are fused with the existing asphalt, creating one continuous layer, as it was when it was new.     

Not only is using Infrared Solutions the best method for asphalt repairs, but it is also typically less expensive and more durable.  The result for our customers is substantial cost savings along with the benefits of being environmentally sound.  The infrared heat process is far less intrusive than the saw cut method and almost transparent to your operations. There are no dump trucks and heavy machinery tearing out asphalt, and we can work in small areas at a time.

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