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Recycled Asphalt and Asphalt Sealcoating near Mesa, Arizona

If you are looking for a first class asphalt paving company to repair the cracks in your parking lot surface in Mesa, Arizona, then make sure that Infrared Solutions, LLC is at the top of your list. We specialize in pavement repair and asphalt removal, and we pride ourselves on our excellent reputation.

Part of the company ethos is a commitment to protecting the environment in our day to day work. It means a lot to us that our processes are green and that we recycle the asphalt after removing it. We know our customers appreciate our eco-friendly approach to the job.

As well as removing and repairing your asphalt using our infrared method, there are a number of other procedures we do here at Infrared Solutions, LLC. Placing a thin overlay of asphalt mix is used as a technique for pavement preservation. It is a way of restoring the pavement surface by applying an asphalt cap.

The overlay is put on top of your existing asphalt - like a veneer. If you have major areas of deterioration in your parking lot, then repairs should be completed before the overlay to ensure structural integrity. The procedure can give your asphalt a brand new look and kept up for years to come with appropriately scheduled maintenance.

Sealcoating is another job we often recommend, yet always stress is not a repair, but a preventative solution. It helps prevent damage and aids waterproofing by offering a protective coating against the elements. We use a water-based coal/tar emulsion, and always tell clients that, if their lot has substantial cracking, a more efficient solution would be preferable.

Homeowners, property managers, and developers in Mesa should look no further than Infrared Solutions, LLC when they are looking for an affordable and professional company to fix their asphalt surface. All you have to do is call us at (480) 356-9511.

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